The English language is not just a key to the door of international opportunities but also of the wealth of knowledge that the world has to offer. It is theĀ  most powerful vehicle of expression and is learned by people belonging to non-English speaking country as their second language. The English language attracts people in ways that no other language in the world could not. This is why many individuals worldwide are continually enhancing their knowledge and skills in the English language.


The ability of a person to listen read, write and speak using the English language is often measured with the use of the IELTS test. This test is accepted by many universities, employers and governments from around the world. Passing this test is one of the requirements before a person is legally allowed to work, live or study in an English-speaking nation. When an applicant passes the IELTS test, it means she or he has the English language proficiency needed to live, work or study abroad.

This website is about a dedicated English teacher, Clark Landon who has a passion in imparting knowledge to individuals who need it. Online audiences can find in this website some important information about the IELTS test as well as reading materials, techniques and tipsĀ for achievement, aptitude, placement and proficiency tests.